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Cuisine is influenced by:
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1. Cou Cou & Flying Fish
The National Dish of Barbados, Cou cou and Flying Fish is made with cornmeal grain and fresh okra, accompanied by savoury stewed flying fish prepared with fresh onion, garlic, thyme, tomatoes, and pepper.
2. Cutters
Perfect for snacking on the go, a cutter is basically a sandwich – but better! Instead of using traditional sliced bread, the Bajan cutter substitutes a delicious salt bread with your choice of filling – egg, fish, cheese, ham, pork – all served with a few drops of Bajan Pepper Sauce.
3. Fish Cakes
Perhaps the most popular food in Barbados, fish cakes can be found on all menus – from 5 star restaurants to street-side vendors. Fish cakes are a savoury mix of salted cod fish and local herbs and spices, deep fried to golden perfection. A favourite version of the Bajan cutter is the 'Bread and Two' which includes two fish cakes, a slice of a cheese and of course, pepper sauce.
4. Macaroni Pie
Sometimes referred to as the island’s unofficial National Dish, macaroni pie or ‘pie’ as it is commonly referred to, is a perennial favourite. A rich, baked version of mac and cheese, macaroni pie includes generous amounts of cheddar cheese as well as some unexpected ingredients like ketchup and mustard.
5. Pudding & Souse
Pudding and Souse is a Saturday lunch staple in Barbados. The ‘souse’ is essentially pickled pork while the ‘pudding’ is steamed sweet potato mixed with onions, salt and pepper. Pudding and Souse is often served with pickled breadfruit on the side.
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