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Polynesian and international cuisine is widely available on the Cook Islands.
Local islanders and visitors alike enjoy an abundance of seafood, especially shellfish. All ingredients are sourced fresh, including fruits and vegetables. Umukai’, a succulent dish cooked in a special underground oven, is a must try, along with many other local specialties like ika mata, raw fish cooked with coconut milk and finely chopped vegetables and curried eke, octopus in coconut curry.
Ungakoa is a type of shellfish, eaten as you would an oyster (cooked or raw). It is often served with cooked taro (green banana).
White crabs are another Cook Islands specialty, and are often garnished or served with grated coconut and/or cheese.
Poke is a traditional pudding made from different types of fruit, commonly banana and pawpaw that is cooked with coconut milk.

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