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The cuisine of Northern Mariana Islands is a blend of various influences, such as Chamorro, Spanish, American, Hawaiian, Papuan, Korean, Filipino, and Japanese. The islands are rich in seafood, coconut, and tropical fruits, which are used in many dishes. Some of the local specialties are:

Kelaguen: a dish of chicken, shrimp, fish or beef marinated in lemon juice and fresh coconut, and served with titiyas, a flatbread made from flour or corn.
Tinaktak: a dish of finely ground meat cooked in coconut milk with vegetables.
Estufao: a stewed meat dish similar to Kåddun pika, which is spicy and flavored with soy sauce, vinegar, garlic, and donni’ peppers.
Apigigi’: a dessert of roasted coconut wrapped in banana leaf.
Guyuria: crunchy cookies made from flour, sugar, and coconut milk, and fried in oil1. The islands also have a variety of international cuisines, such as Korean kimchi, Filipino pancit, and Spanish empanadas1. The canned meat Spam is very popular in the islands, as well as Tabasco sauce.
A traditional condiment of Chamorro dishes is fina’denni’, a sauce made from donni’ peppers, which are a type of hot chili pepper native to the islands1. The sauce can be made with soy sauce and vinegar (dark fina’denni’) or with lemon juice and vinegar (white fina’denni’).

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